Our Services

Finding an easy route into the sector can be difficult. People speak in acronyms, information tends to be provided on a need to know basis. How can a new supplier break into nuclear? Interestingly enough the nuclear sector is desperate for new suppliers, but there are barriers to entry and NIASS can help you to get there. We employ a number of highly experienced consultants who will guide your organisation past these hurdles to entry.

It is important initially to understand what skills exist in your organisation and the aspirations of the business. We can then provide an action plan and find the entry points for the business. To talk to us directly about any of the services listed below or get further help understanding the details, please Contact Us via email or phone.

NIASS has developed a ground-breaking Sales/Business Development tool that can provide organisations with essential “live” and updated UK Nuclear opportunities within UK Government funded areas. This tool will maximise efficiency and deliver your organisation best practice and maximum investment return.

NIASS have an Opportunity Knowledge Management Tool known as iKNOW which has the following key attributes:

  • Maximum Coverage of the NDA estate including Sellafield, Magnox sites, AWE, Defence, Government and Research areas
  • Opportunity description, projected ITT and PQQ dates
  • Additional intelligence and scope information
  • End user contact information
  • NIASS analysis of opportunity
  • Data currency statement

iKNOW is moving to a web based portal via subscription and authorised login details. We aim to keep ahead of the market and will update clients on up and coming developments.

Please contact any of our team as below to discuss further and request a demonstration or sample output to review.

  • Steve Hughes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • John Carine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(*) Please note the monthly includes the provision of the iKNOW information only, however NIASS would be pleased to offer additional services as requested.

 The services we provide include the following:


  • SQEP
    Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) are the key to winning business. Inevitably Clients will ask for CV’s and training records. We can help setup a review process, skills and experience matrix and suggest further training for employees to enhance career progression and ultimately improve the business.
  • SWOT
    NIASS is able to perform a diagnostic review of your business that will ultimately produce a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) report. This will provide the foundations for deriving a plan for continuous improvement for the business.
  • Value Proposition
    Do your Clients know what you do? A well written and presented Value Proposition will explain the services, the benefits, the capability and promote the company attributes to attract new Customers and business.
  • Entry Advice
    Newcomers to the nuclear sector may struggle. Not everyone will welcome new suppliers, for various reasons, including lack of knowledge and experience and the potential of helping to develop a new competitor. NIASS can provide advice in the form of a plan that will help to overcome these barriers to entry. 

Support Services

  • Business Development
    Business development and gearing are crucial to the success of a business. With a well thought out development plan the various steps can be monitored, managed and ultimately achieved. Development plans may evolve, but are vital in terms of managing the development and success of the business. NIASS can help to create a development plan for the success for your business.
  • Training
    As the human resources gain knowledge and experience the business develops. A company is only as good as its resources. Training is crucial. Evaluation of staff, in terms of a gap analysis, will identify the training needs within the business. NIASS can then provide generic and bespoke training courses to help develop your staff and ultimately the business.
  • Human Resources
    Getting the right person for the role is critical. NIASS has many years of experience in the sector and understands expectations and capability, which enables us to put forward the right candidate for the job. We are not an agency and will not recommend people unless we know them and their capability intimately.
  • Interim Management
    Finding a safe pair of hands in the short terms requires careful selection and commitment. NIASS has several associates who, having succeeded in senior roles for many years, will make themselves available for the right opportunity and challenge.


  • Major Opportunity Reports
    Rather than reinventing the wheel in terms of creating opportunity information for each and every major project, NIASS produces comprehensive opportunity reports for our Clients that include technical information, commercial details, timescales, key activity dates, win themes, suggested partnering, competition information and key contacts.
  • Strategy
    Winning business in the nuclear sector requires a clear strategy and this will include partnering with the right companies, having the right attributes including health and safety, quality and environment awareness. NIASS can provide win theme and supply chain partnering advice to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Networking
    Networking with successful organisations “rubs off” in terms of achieving the right result. Being in the right place at the right time. Making companies aware of your value proposition is important and also attending the right events. NIASS can provide collaboration advise and make introductions to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Key Account Plans
    Most successful businesses only nurture a few key accounts. NIASS provides Key Account plans to help develop and steer long term relationships that will inevitably foster higher turnover and increase profit margins.