providing support services

Our Associates have all successfully managed companies in the nuclear sector, support each other in terms of the specialist skills that they bring to NIASS and have all held senior management and director positions at Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels.

They are all currently active in the market which ensures that the sector knowledge is current and vibrant. This specialist knowledge and experience is essential to help identify the value proposition, that will be the key in developing the nuclear industry entry plan and the contacts.

The UK’s heritage, experience and accumulated knowledge of civil nuclear energy is second to none. The UK was the first country successfully to develop, deliver and safely operate nuclear power stations, meeting all the scientific, technological and industrial challenges that this involved. We can now look back on nearly sixty years of successful and above all, safe exploitation of low-carbon nuclear power which has also enhanced our energy security. Nuclear power is and will continue to be, a key part of our low-carbon energy mix alongside renewable generation and carbon capture and storage. All of these technologies are important in tackling climate change and diversifying our supply, contributing to the UK’s energy security and growth.

This is an ambitious strategy. It covers a number of challenges and opportunities, near and long-term. These includes continuous improvements in safety, successfully delivering a wave of new nuclear power stations, ensuring effective waste management and decommissioning plans are in place and driving down the cost of nuclear power to benefit consumers.