Benefits of using NIASS

Employing full time business development resources is costly. When taking into account salary, private medical, bonus, annual leave, expenses, company transport, other equipment such as laptop and mobile phone, insurance and training the costs soon add up.

The next issue might be that the results, even at this cost, do not pay off.

There is the initial expense of recruitment, and if it all goes wrong, the secondary expense of rectifying the mistake and the loss of time as the process has to start all over again.

A lot of time spent by Business Development (BD) Managers is repeated across the industry. Same opportunities, same information, same events and everyone reinventing the wheel.

The alternative is NIASS.

  • We offer an affordable monthly retainer, which supports the day to day operational cost and then a commission for winning work. This is a pay for success, not failure, arrangement.
  • We focus on the right opportunities for your business; report the detail, use our contacts and sector knowledge to develop proposals and recommend supply chain partnering.
  • Our customers are companies that do not compete and are like minded in terms of collaborative working.
  • We have many years of experience, sector knowledge and strong client relationships that underpin our business.

The nuclear industry is changing, as our ultimate customers are demanding progress and value for money.

NIASS provides an alternative business development solution, which is both efficient and financially attractive.